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Xploited Titan 28th May 2003 14:07

New mobo: help me choose
I've accidently screwd my mobo up...... :grum: :grum: :grum: :grum:

Now, I'm looking for a nForc2 mobo, not to expensive, not MSI and that will support overclocking...

I tought about an Epox mobo, but I really need your help...

jmke 28th May 2003 14:13

nf7 v2.0 is a winner!

Xploited Titan 28th May 2003 14:16

OK, what's the lowest price here in Belgium??? Pricewatch doesn't help me much :( :(

jmke 28th May 2003 14:20

not sure if they a none -S v2.0 already

the abit nf7-s is in the PW

TerAngreal 28th May 2003 15:32

NF7-S 2.0 = killermobo

had to replace my 8KHA+ with it, been working on it for about a week now

Xploited Titan 28th May 2003 15:54

OK, but where can I find it at a rather low price? I've found it on at 96 for the normal model and at 123 for the Serial ATA model.......

Are these good prices?

the maniak 28th May 2003 15:56

that's a good price

at Tones it is 135

Xploited Titan 30th May 2003 08:47

I've got good news, my mobo works again!!!!!!!

I did a Clear CMOS and when I pressed the button, it booted!!!

Anyway, thanks for your help, to all of you...

FreeStyler 30th May 2003 10:54

hmmm ....

anes 31st May 2003 06:00

i'm also interested in buying one of these, and since i have an audigy, i dont need the mcp-t and no firewire, so except that the S-version has also raid/sata(?), are there any performance/clock/oc differences between NF7-S 2.0 <=> NF7 2.0 boards?


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