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TerAngreal 13th June 2002 12:33

Mega Drive connection cable
as topic states ...

i'm on a quest, i tells yee ! :knightsmiley:

.. in search of a connection cable between the mega drive console and the tv ...

DJ-EviL 13th June 2002 19:33

as usual :)
im your savior

it connects the megadrive to your tv(antenna input)

TerAngreal 13th June 2002 20:16

had that link - but thanks anyway ...

atm i've got no easy option to make an international payment ... was just hoping somebody like ... crushed his console but not the cable or something :/

DJ-EviL 13th June 2002 21:33

sorry, dont have a megadrive

[Bonbon] 13th June 2002 21:43

i have a master system and i think the cable is the same ,
if you want you can buy it (the hole package) for a low price or trade it for something (pc hardware related) - a gamepad for the pc perhaps ?

TerAngreal 13th June 2002 21:53

mmmm ... the whole package as in games included?

now you're putting me in front of a dilemma -- spending a bit money on an old master system, which still means lots of fun ... or coughing up a bit more of them shiny euro's and buy a second hand PSX ?

[Bonbon] 13th June 2002 22:03

it includes just 2 games (1 onboard) both alex kids , one gamepad ,
i tought just just needed the cable , but then de rest is useless for me.. - so i sugest a trade prullaria vs prullaria
:D - it doens't have to be much , just something that i can use to amuse myself with for another 5min :o

o what the heck , just come over and get it 4 free (but i keep the 9V adapter - it fits my electric piano)

my location : Mechelen- Muizen (Plankendael rings a bell ?)

TerAngreal 13th June 2002 22:09

very generous of you (:ws: ) but there seem to be only 2 prolems ...

1. i can't accept this -- i'm gonna search for something (hell, i must have got something you'd like ... ) (in case this doesn't work -- you like money, don't you? :) )

2. now let's find myself some way to get over to Mechelen ...

(mail isn't a solution if i can't get a ride?)

mod: i presume it's the MS I we're talking about ?

[Bonbon] 13th June 2002 22:17

Mail is a solution , but because of its size i think it will cost (you:p ) a bit more than 3..

btw i'm searching for a crystal orb (or blue/orange) - my gf2mx is still passive cooled :(

TerAngreal 13th June 2002 22:18

... i think i can get my hands on a Bl\'Orb

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