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FreeStyler 30th April 2005 20:02

looking for a "good" Socket A mATX mobo
as the title says, I'm looking for a good micro ATX sized socket A mobo (athlon XP), with good performance and some overclocking options. Probably NF2 based with an IGP, cause I haven't found any others.

Also when looking at these 2 MSI boards:

The first looks nice but doesn't appear to have a dual channel memory controller. And the second doesn't support 400MHz mem. But htey both use the same NB. As for the SB, anyone know anything about that MCP2SL.

I've read that DDR400 wasn't supported on the nf2 IGP when using onboard graphics (which I'm going to use for starters). Is this a big problem, or can you still try to OC the damn thing.

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