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PlayboY 4th September 2002 12:53

Lasercutting : place your order (maybe)
My dad works in a inox factory where they have a lasercutter!

I finally convinced him to do "certain things after his houres". And I ordered a box to put my rheo in. (it's not actuelly a rheo, ask Anthro for details :) )

I'll have it in a few weeks and I'll post some pics of the result. Maybe you guys can order some stuff then, if you want to. Normally you'll be able to ask allmost anything if it's not too big.

TeuS 4th September 2002 16:14

a) fangrills
b) lasercutting my top panel
c) a small case (at, for a mp3 box)

PlayboY 4th September 2002 16:50

a & b are no prob.
b: maybe, I don't know yet.

@TeuS : I know you placed an order some time ago. But then I had some trouble with my parents and I didn't reply. But that's OK now.

I'm still waiting for my piece. But I'll keep you informed.

IMPORTANT: I live in Ostend, so for the most of you it's far away. I'm willing to let everything be delivered by post, but I won't be responsible for the extra costs.

TeuS 4th September 2002 18:20

prices of grills? mass production possible?
our parents could meet each other somewhere (roeselare or so)
you go often to roeselare/kortrijk? my bro every week to kortrijk....

RichBa5tard 7th September 2002 23:02

How about a sidepanel of a lianli midcase? Sounds duable or too big...?

Good to know you have acces to a lasercutter. :super:

PlayboY 8th September 2002 19:15


Originally posted by RichBa5tard
How about a sidepanel of a lianli midcase? Sounds duable or too big...?

Good to know you have acces to a lasercutter. :super:

that won't be any problem.

illusion 25th September 2002 10:02

i want:
1 sidepannel being cut in 2 parts + cutout of text in both parts
1 special cut for another sidepannel

120 mm cutout for fan in toppannel

all for a lian-li PC60.

is this possible + costprice?

jmke 25th September 2002 10:16

[M] cutout in sidepanel of a Chieftec Maxi tower case?

Badges (size of bankcontact) with [M] cutted out in the middle doable? (should be of a sturdy metal, not bend-able)

PlayboY 25th September 2002 12:51

badges are no problem.
BUT it won't be possible to do jobs in sidepanels, because of the paint. It's not very healthy for the laser-head-thingie. so only in inox.

illusion 25th September 2002 12:53

lian-li = no paint, it's fully aluminium...

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