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agent #2 29th August 2004 09:54

Help: what ram to buy
Ok I want to buy 1 gig ram. I have some Idea's but also some doubts.

The ram supposed to be good for later A64 upgrade but has to work fine on my P4 now to.

I was thinking to buy 2x512 OCZ EB pc 3700. Or should I take pc 3500 or 3200?
Or should I take those new corsair pro's?

Gamer 29th August 2004 10:13

PC3700EB is best buy for now.
new corsairs aren't that good for high fsb and low timings.

kristos 29th August 2004 11:52

Like gamer said those EB 3700's

or, you could try those new 2-2-2-5 sticks but I haven't seen any forum posts or reviews yet where they give some descent volts to these sticks so perhaps they will be able to keep their tight timings and gain some speed when in the 3.3 V range ....

[M] news owns :D

agent #2 29th August 2004 12:26

I read the first 2 articles. I think it's gona be the OCZ's.

beerke 30th August 2004 08:24

Find these baby's

agent #2 30th August 2004 08:28

Where do I find those? They don't seem to be very good available.

jmke 30th August 2004 08:51

PQI is mostly US for the moment afaik, better look for alternatives in .BE, get some low latency PC3200 ram from Corsair/OCZ/Kingston/Geil/Mushkin/Crucial .. any of those will provide your P4 and A64 with enough bandwidth

beerke 30th August 2004 08:58

Here , ineed US
Now it's possible i order some , my sister lives in California , so no prob for me :D

jmke 30th August 2004 09:10

They emailed us for review of some of their memory products, however after first contact they never got back to me :-/

ah well.

Coolrunner 30th August 2004 15:57


Originally posted by beerke
Here , ineed US
Now it's possible i order some , my sister lives in California , so no prob for me :D

would be interested if it`s possible to get them ;)

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