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RichBa5tard 6th October 2005 14:01

Good second hand AGP gamingcard
I've not been keeping up in hardwareland and i've got a question: is a 6600GT AGP 128mb a good card for 100 euro?

If not, make me a better offer if you got sth to spare. ; )

The Senile Doctor 6th October 2005 14:08

you can have my 9800 pro (you modded it yourself :) ) for free because you rock :)

RichBa5tard 6th October 2005 14:23

You're getting senile, giving stuff away for free. :p

Sidney 6th October 2005 14:34

You requested and you shall receive:)

jmke 6th October 2005 14:41

just to answer RB's question. if you want out of the box performance, no interest in modding/OC, than the 6600GT will suffice.

but 6800(LE) is worth extra cost as the performance increase when modding/OC gives a better performance/price ratio

187(V)URD@ 6th October 2005 15:08

also look out for second handed x800 series (GT-GTO-GTO˛). Last one is biosmoddable in x850xt-pe.

a x800gt 256mb is a bit better then a 6600GT and cost less.

RichBa5tard 6th October 2005 15:19

I'm not planning to spend more than +- 100 euro. I asume the X800 costs at least 150 euro second hand?

doc, you serious?

The Senile Doctor 6th October 2005 15:23

if you can use it and you can wait 3 weeks, then yes :)

Sidney 6th October 2005 15:31

100 euro to wait for 3 weeks, I will sit and do nothing without a thought:)

What do I get if I do nothing for 6 weeks? :D

RichBa5tard 6th October 2005 15:44

doc, I :ws: you!

I'll wait a few weeks...

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