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Xploited Titan 12th July 2006 16:23

Giant sales by XT
OK, well, my system is dead, and I need money for a new one, so I'm counting on you people to find something that might interest you. :D

Some stuff might have been for sale before, but I'm not going to screw around to find the topics, so, this topic will concentrate everything I have for sale atm. Prices you'll see are prices WITHOUT shipping, and are the B.O. aka best offer prices. You agree for the B.O., you'll be sure to grab it, unless someone bids above you, but that's somehow doubtful :^D

If you want to haggle, go ahead, I'm not allergic to it, but do not abuse of it, because I'll just ignore you then. ;)

Here we go:
  • COOLERMASTER ATC-101 aluminium tower - This tower is only a shadow from itself, it has its front disassembled (and still trying to find the screws back), got a ruined top (modded to accomodate a watercooling radiator, but misdone the holes and cuts, so useless) and the removable mobo tray has 2 holes right above the 80mm fan, to accomodate watercooling tubing (up to 14mm or something like that).
It is sold in very good state (except a bit dirty, and the missing screws and such), and it is sold solely to any modder who wants to work on an aluminium casing which is very sobre, allowing for full creativity potential. Offered prices to be given without shipping. Even though it's pretty old (not being built for some years), it costed me 450€ (still got the bill). So no ridiculous 20 or 50€ prices please. Sure it requires work, but it is a really fine case, and I'm just getting rid of it cos I'm in no way a modder :whip:
  • Microsoft Sidewinder Dual Strike - I never got used to this special gamepad designed for FPS. Barely used, pretty old. 15€
  • Topower TOP-520P4 - Pretty silent and stable 520W PSU. Pretty good, but I have a 550W PSU already. Barely used too. Not compatible with PCI-E setups. 30€
  • Antec TrueControl 550 PSU, silent and powerful, as well as super-stable rails. Not compatible with PCI-E setups. 45€
  • 2 PC266 ECC Buffered DDR RAM sticks of 256 MB each - lifetime warranty, with the shop's purchase order. Never been able to test it as the dual CPU mobo I should have tested it upon has a broken BIOS, not booting anymore (and no replacement to be found). 20€/stick
  • 2 Thermalright ALX800 heatsinks avec 2 red Antec fans - Silent and good performet, [M]has tested it once, just look in the articles. It's a socket A heatsink. 30€/heatsink Heatsinks and Antec fans can be separated!
  • Thermochill 120.3 - Amongst the best triple radiators in watercooling. It's getting too big and unnecessary for my use. They'll need some powerful fans to blow through that thickness. There are two brass fittings on, internal diameter of 10 or 12mm, don't remember. 50€ PRICE WENT DOWN! This is why: I found some kind of rust in the radiator. The person who buys it will have to clean the radiator of that rust with some chemical treatment (read acid). You know what you're buying!
  • Silverprop Fusion HL - Very nice waterblock. Not as shiny as a new one, but still the same inside. Did some lapping to increase the base quality. 30€
  • "modded" Cascade - The famous waterblock in a unique, home-modded way :^D It was in fact a P4 model, but I just drilled the 4 holes for the socket A compatibility into the metal plate. For the rest, a little lapping i s all of the mods I did. It's the translucid version, and works very well. 30€
  • Innovatek Tank-O-Matic reservoir - Pretty ugly due to all the scratches and such, it still does the job well, but it's really less beautiful now. ^^ Two brass fittings have been put on it, prolly 10 inner diameter. 25€ Another problem has arised with this reservoir: the top doesn't close correctly anymore due to the threading being broken somewhere on the acryl part. This means: you can't use it horizontally, you HAVE to use it vertically!
  • [strike]Logitech diNovo 1.0 - MX900 mouse, Bluetooth, mouse's battery still there. French AZERTY. Very nice set, but I have switched to something else.[/strike] SOLD
  • Belkin KVM switch - USB (2x), VGA et audio - new, unused, just taken out of package and I still didn't succeed to redo the packaging like it was. :D 50€
I hope I did forget nothing. Now the rules of this sale:
  1. I allow myself to refuse to sell to someone, but will give the reason clearly if that case should appear.
  2. I'm open to haggling, but any abuse will result in a big ignore.
  3. I trust UPS for shipping all the goods. You have no choice. I want the shipping to be insured and relatively quick.
  4. No cheques accepted. Only wire transfers. Maybe just current money if someone wants to arrange a meeting to buy something.
  5. I'm from Brussels, in Belgium. This means that shipping outside Belgium will be expensive. All prices given here are without shipping, and know that for a shipping to France, it's a minimum of 24€ (less than to the UK or the Netherlands iirc). If you want to avoid excessive shipping costs, try to unite with someone you know or buy quantities. :D
  6. Every purchase order I can give will be given. Not all items have purchase orders, and some items don't even need them i the eventuality of a RMA, like the graphics card. All items are completely legal.
Well, now I may wish myself a good sale. :D

Also for sale here:

jmke 12th July 2006 16:55

I think the price of the 6800GT is on the high side, 7600GT is better and costs only ~170 new

RichBa5tard 12th July 2006 17:27

He's selling the AGP version. The 7600GT PCIe performs horrible on an AGP motherboard. :P

jmke 12th July 2006 17:28

AGP 6800gs = 6800gt , newprice ~170.


Xploited Titan 12th July 2006 22:12

Like I said, those are the best offers, I have nothing against haggling :)

And 6800GS ain't 6800GT, GT is still better.

jmke 12th July 2006 22:48

performance is equal :)


Today sees the introduction of a part that performs just as well as the 6800 GT but costs about $70 to $80 less.

Xploited Titan 13th July 2006 05:55

OK, I admit, but mine is still an OC version, standard overclocked, so standard better than a GS :D And it should be able to run at least at Ultra speeds. :)

Xploited Titan 13th July 2006 18:02

Brother wanted to buy my OCZ sticks, taking them out of the topic.

Xploited Titan 14th July 2006 15:35

Normally, my graphics card is sold on

We'll see when the money arrives.

Xploited Titan 29th July 2006 08:59

6800GT officially sold and package will be send monday to mtkobal, from the nokytech forum.

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