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computersmsa 24th September 2005 16:30

[FS] Opteron S939 [CLOSE]
The 14 December :

God evening at all,

I stop the sales of Opteron S939 ! This is a difficult decision.
Why ? AMD is in shortage, but especially, Iím obliged by personal reasons.
Also, I will go to work in January or February, itís just a question of time, but unfortunately I precipitate the end of this sale.

I will refund all payments that I have received for not yet dispatched orders, I will also refund payment who are not arrived yet.
I will send you an email today or about refunding.
If you havenít pay yet, donít pay Ö thank you!

About the warranty, no problem, you just need contact me !

I must also work for my future, itís not really a secret, but in summer 2006, I will launch my own shop, and believed me, I will not make figuration !
You will be welcome Ö

Sorry for all, if you want to contact me, to send to me an email: laurent.p||scarlet.Be (| | = @)

Good evening at all, I wish you the best for the end of the year !

Sidney 24th September 2005 17:17

Do a mini review to show: :)
1) Overclock headroom
2) CPU temp strictly air cool
3) Compare it to your Venice at >2.82 Ghz @1.57V

computersmsa 24th September 2005 17:36

I can't test them before have them :(
About comparation with Venice ... no necessary !
It's a San Diego ... we knows the performance of SD :)

Sidney 24th September 2005 17:52

zerotol 26th September 2005 20:55

tempting hmmm

Sharpside 26th September 2005 21:20

Is this a deal for the quick ones with cash or do i have the time to save some money? :d

geoffrey 26th September 2005 21:43

I asked hil on msn, must be possible to order one next month.

computersmsa 27th September 2005 10:27

Yes, at this time :

No limite in qty or time at this moment ... do not hesited to order ! Shipping in the order of received payment.

agent #2 27th September 2005 15:50

Is this cpu suitable for gaming to?

jmke 27th September 2005 15:55

since the Opteron is a more spicy A64 S939 CPU, it is also perfect for gaming.

the Opteron has the advantage of being able to serve in a multi-CPU system; now finding an Opteron mobo which allows 2 CPU and has PCIe and good performance, is the challenge, I think

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