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Kurgan 16th January 2011 18:00

FS: Maximus III Extreme w/MB Watercooler and 2 x HD4770
Maximus III Extreme With EK-NB ASUS HP installed. Stock Heatsink also included. Had it run upto 228 bclk.


Also have 2 x HD4770's sitting and doing nothing for more than a year. 50 each.

Pics to come when I get home and have some time.

Gamer 16th January 2011 21:27

How much for 2x 4770's ?
Can't make an offer :)

Kurgan 16th January 2011 22:20

Edited to reflect an asking price for HD4770.

Thanks Gamer.

jmke 17th January 2011 09:04

do these HD 4770 have HDMI out?

Kurgan 17th January 2011 15:29

The Asus one does

Kurgan 17th January 2011 15:38

Didnt have time to get pics yesterday, the little guy keeps me busy after work now usually.

I'll do my best to get some pics up tonight or early tomorrow as I'm off.

jmke 17th January 2011 15:56

€50 for the Asus one; for a gaming PC @ 1280x720 resolution :D

Kurgan 17th January 2011 16:09


You want that shipped or are you planning a trip down my way in the near future?

jmke 17th January 2011 19:13

my parents-in-law live in Mons, maybe we can make a transfer there? :)

Kurgan 21st January 2011 10:43

I'm working Sat and Sunday but I can meet you somewhere.
I'll send you my work phone # and we'll find a place to meet up.

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