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Kurgan 18th November 2009 11:21

FS: ATCS 840 and GTX 260 w/ HC waterblock
/As stated:

Black ATCS 840 in perfect condition €150

Added 300 GB WD VelociRaptor €150

verwijderd GTX 260


Zwart ATC 840 in perfecte staat €150

toegevoegd 300 GB WD VelociRaptor €150


Kurgan 23rd November 2009 09:40

Updated to include dutch translation using google translate, pics to come soon :)

Bijgewerkt met Nederlandse vertaling met behulp van Google Translate, pics to come soon:)

JimmyJump 23rd November 2009 10:28

In this case, "box" has to be "doos"... "vak" is an open space, like a parking space or a square in a cupboard... ;)

What's your asking price for both, together/apart?

Kurgan 23rd November 2009 10:57

Thanks for the tip!

I should remeber to use to proper word when using the translator, which isnt perfect but has really helped me a lot around here.

The ATCS840 is about +/- 200 + taxes and shipping I think 150 is probably fair? For the Video Card I'm not 100% sure about. The waterblock is a kicker, they are about 100 a piece, the EVGA 260 216 is still going for about 170 so
I think 200 would be suitable?

JimmyJump 25th November 2009 17:03

Well, I just raped my piggie to buy a new mobo, processor and GPU, so I'll prolly have to us physical force at my bank to get more money...

Thanks anyway for the info, Kurgie ;-)

By the way, do you still shout "there can be only one" or "it's better to burn-out than to fade away" before going to sleep? :p

Kurgan 25th November 2009 18:06

Depends on the mood I'm in :)

Kurgan 25th November 2009 18:35

I see the specs on the new hardware you purchased, basically the same I wanna get in the near future...cept maybe the full Maximus and not the Genie.

Kurgan 9th December 2009 16:35

Uploading a couple pics of the
ATCS 840

Kurgan 9th December 2009 16:42

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Kurgan 9th December 2009 22:39

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