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jmke 3rd May 2004 11:21

Factor & [M]: nVentic Mach II ST/GT

Factor and [M] are happy to present you with a nice deal for those looking to step into the world of SubZero cooling, or those looking to upgrade theirs to the best of the best.

If you want a €30 discount and a modded Enlight case for an extra €15, then mention "" in the comments of your order + post 1 reply in this thread stating what you want to order ! :)

Here we go:

Mach II ST

* Capable of removing 200W
* Undisputed extreme performance
* Condensation prevention
* Lower noise operation
* Improved start-up procedure
* Mach II ST Chip-controller
* Mach II compatible

Price in shops ~€600
Promotional price: €580

Mach II GT

* Cooling performance to highest level - beyond any competition
* Improved condensation prevention
* Intelligent heat control system
* Low noise operation
* Highly improved start-up procedure
* Windows® based user interface
* State of the art SMD Chip-controller
* Online error reporting system
* Internet upgradeable firm- & software
* Added LCD system display
* Mach II Compatible

Price in shops ~€1000
Promotional price: €960

Gamer 3rd May 2004 18:18

hmm, to bad my mach I is still working :)

verry good price indeed :ws:

The Senile Doctor 3rd May 2004 18:55

is that socket 939?
is there any difference in the mounting if it is to be used on socket 939?

Gamer 3rd May 2004 19:18

there are still no specs of socket 939, so I think we will have to wait a while.
my guess is that you could use socket 754 kit.

easypanic 3rd May 2004 19:47


tempting :), but it still is a lot of money :(

piotke 3rd May 2004 19:56

The size of the socket 939 and the 940 CPU is the same, only different pin layout.
So I\'m quit sure that the hold down mechanism won\'t change.

S939 vs 940

The Senile Doctor 3rd May 2004 20:25

ok, just ordered one GT

you only live once.
**** money.

jmke 3rd May 2004 20:28


The Senile Doctor 3rd May 2004 20:31

bought both sockets so that I can still play with it if socket 939 gets heavily postponed
socket 939 here I come with heavily cooled sh*t!

Sidney 3rd May 2004 20:36


you only live once.
You got it, man. It\'s hell a lot cheaper than women.

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