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jmke 16th May 2006 13:14

Dell 20" TFT <500


Dell Ultrasharp 2001FP 20" performance LCD Flat Panel Monitor. 250cd/m2 brightness, 400:1 contrast, 16ms response time. Dual Tone TCO03
Gebruikelijke verzending: 1-2 weeks
Onderdeel fabrikant: 200-23361
Dell-onderdeel: 17999

Excellent bargain if you ask me, and if you are able to buy it as a company/without taxes, it only costs like 300.. delivered to your doorstep.

I ordered one last week Monday and it's sitting on my desk since yesterday evening, it has 4 inputs:
- D-Sub VGA
- S-Video
- Composite

the base is very sturdy and allows the monitor to pivot in all directions, you can also turn the screen 90 if needed. You get a power block, VGA and DVI cable, a small guideline and a driver CD.

Plug and play installation, on first inspection using [g]Nokia+monitor+test[/g] no dead/lazy pixels at all.

Native resolution is 1600x1200, which avoids head-ache with widescreen setups, as the wide screen version is actually smaller in total surface if you compare the 20" TFT and 20" Widescreen.

DVD movie gave clear image, good contrast, although black is not black, unlike your good old CRT. I have an old Xeon 18.1" TFT installed next to the new Dell, that one's color balance and contrast is simply bbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaaad in comparison:) but still doable for text, it's actually easier on the eyes for surfing, ms word and emailing. But gaming and movies are much better on the Dell Screen.

* The D-Sub VGA connector works okay, hooked that on up to a second PC and image re-aligns quickly and correctly without any flicker or image noise.
* DVI-D image quality is close to perfection, no manipulation needed.
* one nifty feature that I found in the OSD menu was PIP. Picture in Picture, it allows the s-video or composite source to be shown at the same time as the D-Sub or DVI-D in a small window, quite nifty.

Now I can hook up 2 PCs and 2 consoles to this monitor and be done with it.:)

in the US the same monitor is priced 499, but doesn't seem that good a deal compared to EU

piotke 16th May 2006 15:32

Wow John, thanks for the tip, I'll order one immediately :)

jmke 16th May 2006 15:40

*ha* *ha*

you should have posted this before Piotke, instead of just sharing it over MSN:p

piotke 16th May 2006 18:23

Referentie Aantal Omschrijving Prijs per stuk Aantal Totaal
*1 1 May - 50% off 2001FP DT 0,00 0,00

*2 1 FP/DT - EuroC - 20in (2001FP TCO03) UltraSharp Dual Tone Flat Panel w/HAS 299,50 299,50

*3 1 3Y Monitor Replacement Service 10,00 10,00

Subtotaal 309,50
Transportkosten 4,00
BTW 65,84
Totaal 379,34

jmke 16th May 2006 18:28

lucky bastard

piotke 16th May 2006 18:30

I really hope I didn't order the wrong one.

jmke 16th May 2006 18:40

you ordered the 15" :p

piotke 16th May 2006 18:55

bloody hell

geoffrey 16th May 2006 20:03

Dell UltraSharp 1907FP 19-inch Black Flat Panel LCD Monitor (1907FP TCO99)
Gebruikelijke verzending: 5-7 dagen
Onderdeel fabrikant: 857-10078
Dell-onderdeel: 53786

Meer details
Inclusief BTW, exclusief transport, Incl Recupel 3786

I can have this @ my local shop:
TFT 19" Samsung 930BF silver/black fixed stand 4ms 429.00

Would the samsung be a better deal?

jmke 16th May 2006 20:19

blurry shot, because I with flash it's worse;

PIP is really cool; hooked up S-Video of 2nd to screen and looping 3DMark2001SE

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