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FreeStyler 9th November 2005 23:47

Decent S462 NF2 mobo
I'm looking for a decent Socket A motherboard, and preferably based on the NF2 Ultra 400 chipset. outhbridge is less important, but the latest (giga-raid) would be nice.

It may be new, so if you know a shop that has for example the asus A7N8X-XE still in stock let me know. Cause the belgian supplier just ran out apparently.

jmke 10th November 2005 00:04

MSI has one which is quite good at stock speeds with lots of features

FreeStyler 10th November 2005 09:56

yea, problem is finding them.

The closest I get is a Asus A7N8X-E Deluxe at compumania
And the Abit NF7-S2G at loveno.
And off course brands I wouldn't even touch with a 10 foot stick, like asrock, ECS and the likes.
Maybe the abit, if there is nothing better. I'd rather have a nice small motherboard without a whole bunch of extra chips I'm not going to use anyway.

I'm going to look for some caps today, maybe I'll get lucky.

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