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geoffrey 1st January 2008 21:44

Dead mainboards
A friend brought in a dead mainboard where the caps probably are the source of the malfunctioning. Now, I can easily fix his board, the downside is that I can't find low ESR caps that easily, I'd be glad if people could supply me with a dead mainboard that they got around somewhere. The parts I'm looking for:

electrolytic caps, 1500uF, 6.3V, low ESR

capacitance may be higher

Please help me, price can be discussed, but dead mainboards only have few useful components, I'm not going to spend more money then it will take to just replace the board ;-)

geoffrey 3rd January 2008 14:30

Forgot to mention, I need nearly 14 caps.

jort 3rd January 2008 18:36

Maybe you can tell them on what montherboard they can be found?
THe victim was ...?

grtz ;)

geoffrey 3rd January 2008 18:43

Jeyway P4XFA-C

piotke 3rd January 2008 19:39

I have a few boards lying around here, will take a look.

Gamer 4th January 2008 13:50

oeps, just burned an asrock S775 and P5K :)

geoffrey 4th January 2008 14:27


Originally Posted by Gamer (Post 162442)
oeps, just burned an asrock S775 and P5K :)

aha :excellent:

Anything that might be of use?

Gamer 4th January 2008 14:28

no, Like I said, I burned them :)

geoffrey 4th January 2008 14:31

Like... the whole board?

Gamer 5th January 2008 15:29

Yep, it was hot in my house :)

geoffrey 8th January 2008 18:04

Got them available at local electronics farmer, 0,7€ each, not really low priced if you ask me :/ For 15€ I could order 8500 resistors few weeks back :)

geoffrey 12th January 2008 14:05

Mainboard got fixed, repair costs: 10 :drink:

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