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Diegis0n 20th April 2009 08:46

Crucial Tracer Ballistix 2 kits
Het betreft 2 kits van elk 2x 1Gb. Het zijn de dual-sided dus met D9 chips

Specs: PC5300 / 667mhz CL3, P/N eindigt op 16FD2.

Zijn in normaal gebruik geweest, heb er niet mee overklokt dus ook geen results ...

Voor de teamleden een vriendenprijs: 30 / kit ;-)

jmke 20th April 2009 09:55

nieuwprijs van 1x PC2-6400 2Gb is €20 FYI ...

en 2x1Gb Corsair €29

Massman 20th April 2009 09:56

But those are not overclocking memory ;).

These should do 600MHz CL5 at 2.2v or below

Diegis0n 20th April 2009 09:56

those are single sided, not the same :no:

these should do 650+ CL5, 550+ CL4

I can always pretest them if some one wants "insurance" i still have my maximus ^^

PS: i sold lots of those for 50€ excl a few weeks back ;)

jmke 20th April 2009 09:59


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 235941)
But those are not overclocking memory ;).

that's not mentioned in the first post;)

Diegis0n 20th April 2009 10:00

i mentioned it has the D9 chips :D what more need i say ;-D

jmke 20th April 2009 10:01

that I'm a noob when it comes to DDR2 and OC? :D

Diegis0n 20th April 2009 10:03

:D maybe the term "D9" is fading away ^^ now it's more of "GTR" and "JNL" ^^

jmke 20th April 2009 10:08

more mumbo jumbo there!

Diegis0n 20th April 2009 10:09

nvm then :-p

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