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jakkerd 28th November 2006 17:12

Looking for a cheap cpu + mobo (athlon xp 1800+ or something like that).
If possible with 1 GB of ram and a cheapass vid-card (or onboard).

edit: a decent (but cheap :p) psu would also be nice, not a necesity though.

jmke 28th November 2006 18:15

if you can come by my place (Nijvel) I can give you mobo/cpu for a very good price (AXP setup)

jakkerd 28th November 2006 18:40

As in waals brabant? Redelijk ver van bij ons, maar moet te doen zijn.

jmke 28th November 2006 18:49

as in Henegouwen :/

jakkerd 28th November 2006 18:56

Hmm, routenplanner zegt nijvel/nivelles waals brabant.
Anyway, het blijft ver, maar wel doenbaar normaal gezien.
Welke tijdstippen passen u het beste? Ik heb variabele uren van dag tot dag, dus ik heb geen vast rustdag ofzo.

jmke 28th November 2006 19:02

I'm pretty sure where I live ;)

anywhoooo, weekdays I'm home after 19h, otherwise we have to rendez-vous in the weekends, but coming weekdays+weekend is booked full atm

not sure if all the spend diesel/petrol is worth the cost of the mobo/cpu? what do you think?

I'm afraid to send it with the post, as it will end up broken most likely

jakkerd 28th November 2006 19:05

I'll wait for a while, maybe i'll find something a little closer to my home. If not, I'll come to Henegouwen :). How about that?

jmke 28th November 2006 19:06

the gear will not be here indefinitely, but surely still for a few weeks

jakkerd 28th November 2006 19:08


jakkerd 9th December 2006 10:53

My main mobo, mem and cpu just died on me :/. I screwed something up a few weeks ago, but averything seemed fine.
Yesterday somethin in de mobo went 'pop' and it took the mem and cpu downwith it.
So I think I'll get myself a new mobo/cpu/mem before getting an extra one :).
Tx for the offer tho.

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