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Tum0r 12th May 2003 16:34

chillblast Shin-Etsu Thermal Paste
check this out

if u want some just leave a respons here

jmke 12th May 2003 16:47

damn expensive thermal goo.

Tum0r 12th May 2003 16:51

comes down to 12.5 if there are enough ppl
does cools 5 better then as3

10 compared to no name brand
so ppl that arnt using any at all ... :)

TeuS 12th May 2003 17:04

I already know a looong time it cools better then all the others, but I haven't got the funds to order it :/

Tum0r 12th May 2003 17:44

wel maybe if we get a discount for ordering X amount we can get it for about 10euro

kipni 12th May 2003 18:12

i want some

Tum0r 12th May 2003 18:39

would be real nice if whe could find a person living in the uk

TeuS 12th May 2003 18:40

you might ask @ forum :)

Tum0r 12th May 2003 18:46

u think one of them is willing to send over 20 to 40 tubes and is trustworthy

i dont know anyone there
but i think is would be alot cheaper this way
nog whe have to pay 15 chippent, by fedex

kipni 12th May 2003 18:48

i want to order 0ne

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