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Massman 23rd July 2007 19:38

Cheap S775 Celeron D
... to test lnē :)

geoffrey 24th July 2007 09:40

let me know ASAP, I'm about to order there. Sending devided by two ;)

Massman 24th July 2007 10:25

I ordered one at alternate together with Piotke :). Maybe you can also order together with Piotke?

piotke 24th July 2007 16:26

Yup, I'll order tomorrow, If you want you can order with me :-)

mail me your order at, shipping to beglium well be about 3 euro (divided between 4 persons), Shipping to you, as it's a tray cpu, will take about 2 euro.

geoffrey 24th July 2007 16:37

They also count VAT, just like is doing atm

PS: Shipping, I'm about to get a mainboard, it might be better to order appart as I just shipped one in .be and it costed my more then 8€ :/

piotke 24th July 2007 17:49

depending on what you buy be shipping can be expensive yes. price * 1.03 to get be tax rate.

Sidney 28th July 2007 16:47

Within $20 difference in the U.S. Celeron versus e2140. I think the latter has better value/performance. :)

Massman 29th July 2007 12:04

But the E2140 can't reach 7G :)

jmke 29th July 2007 12:08

but E2140 doesn't need to perform half decently ;)

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