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[Bonbon] 21st April 2006 10:18

cheap 6800GT agp on ebay
Dont really trust the guy but if someone is willing to take the risk ;


The guy is German but he is shipping from BE , asked him how much the shipping is , he said 5-10 euros

jmke 21st April 2006 11:03

the catch is that the Video BIOS is most likely b0rked and it doesn't come with any cooling.


Top diagram map for current directX9, openGL1.5 plays GEEFORCE 6800 GT/256MB one and nvidias cineFX 3 engine on higher diagram-level-gradates naturally with agp 8x. V-Tuner2 plus - complete monitoring, permits temperature monitoring, protection and overclocking. note: the map comes completely without cool... these cleanly dismantled, around the map by water cooling freshly to keep... the buyer must about appropriate cooling worry in addition seems the map bios refresh to need it functioned always perfectly and well.. nevertheless a daily wants I the computer raising, when no more picture was shown... I has voltage fluctuations by the streetcar in suspicion, since I had this problem already once.. at that time has I the map exactly like these here auctioneered, and to me new bought. this times I take it directly to the cause directly a completely new computer with pcie to construct. the buyer of the last map it has created the map (those the same problem had) to gotten. over my evaluations can it to it by the way again quickly approaches to please only offer if the straight described was understood! otherwise everything is tiptop... cds, the manual and dvi the adapter is unaffected... the packing absolutely new.. and at the map is also no optical lack fetchable in Duesseldorf center. otherwise dispatch as insured package to 7 euro postage-costs one considers also my other auctions... much fun with offers!! with the map! Please mail ME in English.
so there is no guarantee it will work.. steer clear...

[Bonbon] 21st April 2006 11:17

I didn't notice the bios thingie , cooling wouldn't be a problem.

Keepings my hands off this one .

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