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deronny 11th June 2002 15:14

centralize or differentiate buying
when you're planning on building a new system from scratch.
Do you buy all parts in the store that's the cheapest overall. Or do you look over several stores and select for each part the cheapest solution(=store).
plz give me your opinion on this matter.

DUR0N 11th June 2002 15:21

well, my components come from different shops, bith the best prize, most of the time, beats them all. is really good too, but some things are quite expensive there..
don't buy from to many shops, your shipment cost will go sky-high
ow; and see you have some good local shops, so you can buy spare parts 7d/week

testerken 12th June 2002 09:17

I always buy all components in 1 shop. If you should encounter hardware problems later on, this is the easiest solution.

RichBa5tard 12th June 2002 09:31

Normally I buy 90% of my components at one shop, except the pieces who cost A LOT less at other shops.

One thing many ppl don't know: offers lowest price warranty: if you can find your HW for a better price anywhere in Be they offer you it at the same price if mentioned at your order. They've got excellent costumer service so I can truly recommend them.

One drawback: pretty limited gamma, but the non OC freak will be able to find everything he wants there. :)

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