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Kurgan 27th November 2008 14:58

Best Computer Store in Belgium (Area)
Hey all,

Me again, As I'm new to the area I'm not sure where the best computer store is located for high end parts/watecooling and all that. I'm willing to make special trips to france/Germany also once and a while if the selection/prices are worth the trip.

I change my parts frequently and sometimes I just want specific part right away and not wait to be shipped.

Any info would be awesome, thanks.


jmke 27th November 2008 19:40

not a whole lot of those around in .BE , not large scale though is one I know who has water cooling gear

it for sure that some .DE shops have a possibility for wider gamma of products: & ship to your doorstep

leeghoofd 27th December 2008 10:30 is a nice store with good support and great stock for the less demanding, very good prices

FreeStyler 27th December 2008 11:52 has some modding/WC parts.

It's more of a garage/web store, but if it delivers...

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