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funslave 21st September 2007 22:49

alien hardware buyer in brussels
Hi everybody,

Anytime I'm going abroad I use to buy one hardware component. Next fortnight I'll be in Brussels for one week business trip.
I have two spare days (Monday and Saturday) for seeking an AM2 Windsor CPU or mobo (DFI, ABIT or EPoX) for my new rig no. N :)

I really have no idea on where to look for a IT hardware / new or SH computerparts shop. My net searches were unsuccessful, as I don't know either French and Flemish.
My hotel will be near the Northern Railway Station. I would really appreciate any direction / advice from your counterpart.

geoffrey 30th September 2007 11:22

None of our most popular internet hardware stores are located near Brussels, best you could do is find local stores but price will be higher then those of bigger shops. Why do you want to buy goods in Belgium anyway, VAT is 21% here, you're better of in Germany, Netherlands, ...

piotke 30th September 2007 12:25

Wondering, what country are you from ?

funslave 30th September 2007 15:36

Romania (comparable VAT - 19%), where some components of interest could not be found (for instance, AM2 EPoX mobos).
Anyhow, thanks for the answer; I'll fool around, shoot some photos with Brussels, anything else a tourist can do here :).

geoffrey 30th September 2007 16:28

found some, look here:

funslave 30th September 2007 19:40

Thank you very much, Geoffrey! Just in time, I'm leaving tomorrow.

geoffrey 3rd October 2007 17:59

have a nice trip :)

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