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Nessmaster 15th January 2008 01:42

939 3800+, Fatal1ty AN8-SLI, Heatsinks
Hey guys. A while back my 939 rig crapped out on me. The mobo spat out a code and I checked on the abit forums which told me to re-mount the heat sink on the CPU. I did so and the system worked for a week before crapping out with the same POST code. I don't know if the CPU is messed up or the Mobo (I think it's the mobo). However, the mobo DOES turn on (I've tried recently only 2 weeks ago) but doesn't get past the POST code error and I am tired of trying to get it to work. The mobo with cpu and heat sinks mounted has just been sitting around collecting dust so I want to get rid of it now.

I want to sell both the motherboard (Abit Fatal1ty AN8-SLI) along with the CPU (939 AMD X2 3800+) and preferably the two after market heat sinks I bought for the setup (Cooler Master Hyper 6+ and Thermalright HR-05 north bridge heat sink) I want to sell all 4 for a total of $100 (USD). Both heatsinks work very well, and the I've run the Cooler master 6+ completely passive and it still has very nice cooling.

Here are some pics and I have much more with greater details on the parts if you guys ask for them:

Nessmaster 17th January 2008 18:44

Found a local buyer. SOLD.

jmke 17th January 2008 20:33 ;)

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