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cR00zIFI><3r 17th December 2003 09:30

3.5" rheobus silver (NEED IT FAST!!)
I'm looking for a 3.5" rheobus (silver)

Tones has the blue and black version, but I need the silver one.
It's for a christmas present for my father, he's always complaining about the noise.

It's this one.

If you have it, or if you know a shop who sells them, please let me know.

jmke 17th December 2003 09:36

I have one,

how much would be willing to pay?
it is still in brandnew state, no scratches, barely used

cR00zIFI><3r 17th December 2003 10:53

20 incl transport?

jmke 17th December 2003 11:15

25 excl?

cR00zIFI><3r 17th December 2003 11:18

that's quite alot for a christmas present, I still have to buy something for my sister and mother too...
I think it's 20 @ tones (the other versions) so I dn't want to go much higher

jmke 17th December 2003 11:56

in my humble opinion is dat een goede prijs, en zou ik hem chez Tones kopen :)

ik heb de mijne indertijd 38 betaald, so I'll think I'll hang on to it, might come in handy.. someday:)

cR00zIFI><3r 17th December 2003 12:22

owkee...thanks anyway

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