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Nessmaster 22nd April 2007 03:32

120mm Sanyo Denkis [USA]
Hey guys,

I have a friend who has around 50, 120mm Sanyo Denki fans he is currently selling. He is located in California, USA and is currently selling within the limits of the country. The prices are as following:

-Quntity- -Price/each-
1-2 $10.00
3-5 $9.00
5+ $8.00

Sanyo Denki / San Ace 120mm x 38mm 109R1212H1011 Fans
- 0.52amps @ 12V, 102.5 CFM, 39dB, Static Pressure: 64.7Pa
- 3pin Connector w/ RPM monitoring

If you want to order some or want to know more about the fans, then please send an email to

Pics (sorry, mine is a bit dusty from pervious use):

My personall experience with the fans are that they are a loud running at 12v, but move massive amounts of air. I highly recommend using some sort of fan controller, either software or hardware when using these fans for everyday use. Heavy overclockers will probably find better use for these fans than the avarage user. All fans come pre-assembled with the wire and connector. The wire lenght is near 2 feet long, so it should work in any size case.

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