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FreeStyler 17th February 2006 23:45

1 week to find a good SocketA mobo
Well my main PC finally died as well due to popped caps.
Big problem, since now I need a new socket A motherboard. (preferably before FOM, end of next week)
I have an Asus A7N8X-XE but it stinks, no adaptable voltages (but I can boost my FSB) and the netword controller won't install (windows finds it but won't accept the drivers)

So does anyone know a store/person that sells any decent (NF2 based) socket a motherboard? (Belgium only)
I'll buy you a drink or 2 at FOM, or wherever I might run into you.

Da_BoKa 18th February 2006 00:03

If you are a bit handy, solder some new caps on the motherboard?!

Unsolder them, go to your local HW shop and ask for such a ( better ) capacitators.

I have a EPoX 8k5a2+ lying here waiting for some new caps.

I don't think youl find a new motherboard in shops.

FreeStyler 18th February 2006 10:32

Tried that with the last board.
kinda got, well, screwed. (I couldn't empty the holes with a pump so I drilled them out :p) Also an Epox 8RDA+ :p

I could try it again with what I have learned from last time. (patience is your friend)
But I've got so little time. I already asked my work for as many days off as they can spare next week.

Oh, and it doesn't have to be new, a good second hand board should do as well.

[Bonbon] 18th February 2006 12:31


ASRock K7NF2-RAID / Socket 462 / nVIDIA nForce2 Ultra 400 / etc ..

51 euro

FreeStyler 18th February 2006 19:36

I'll take my chances with the caps. (luckily the ones from the previous attempt are still intact)
I'd rather be without main PC for a couple of months, than touch an asrock.

easypanic 18th February 2006 19:39

Freestyler, I could send you a A7N8X I have here lying around, if it is of any use, please let me know.

It only has some sealstring on it ( leftover from my former Prometeia).

FreeStyler 18th February 2006 23:09

I'm currenty trying to fix the epox. So far it's working, edging our the ZEN and yoga meditation to keep calm, but patience IS the key.

If it goes up in flames I'll let you know. (that would be tomorrow)

FreeStyler 19th February 2006 00:34

I guess I'll take it.
The epox doesn't do the errors it did before, but now it's just a constant 7F error. Only think I didn't try is the CPU, but that should be working (it did a week ago).

When can I pick it up, and what to you want for it.
(I'll PM this as well)

FreeStyler 19th February 2006 01:38

Hold the press.

I just retouched all the solder points and we got an image !!!

So I don't need a new mobo that urgently.
I might still be interested in the asus, but not that urgently anymore.

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