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wutske 19th August 2005 15:49

What's your Security Score ???

This little tool analyzes how up to date winxp is (but it's also a way to advertise their tool PreEmpt (previous: QwickFix).
I started with a score of 38% :rolleyes: (F - E - F). There were a lot of patches I was missing, so, 21 patches later and PreEmpt installed, I received a much better score of 70 (A - B - B). But the second B should be an A, because it says Avast isn't running, while it is running (except IM and Network shield, but the first doesn't work with Mercury and the second is pretty useless since I have a firewall installed). And the third B isn't correct either, because it says I need a patch, but that's one for DirectX 9a and I already have 9c, and then some other SP2 only patches.

//edit: didn't include the firewall test tough, because I'm behind a router, so the results are useless.

wutske 19th August 2005 16:09

Mi score

[Bonbon] 19th August 2005 16:17


jmke 19th August 2005 17:36

first run: 65%


F because I did not install their software
B- because I don't run a firewall on a system in my LAN :rolleyes:

RichBa5tard 19th August 2005 18:23



Sharpside 19th August 2005 22:41

I think this is as safe as it gets :rolleyes:

jmke 20th August 2005 02:13

check filesize of that .exe, you did not completely download the file

kr15t0f 20th August 2005 10:38

25 on my fathers PC, all norton stuff and full updated win XP :wtf:

will test it on my own pc later :D

Sharpside 20th August 2005 11:28

Mmm not too good over here :)

Vulk 20th August 2005 11:53


I'm feeling confident.

I'm curious what I will do when I install my new modem/router thing.

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