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tom 27th October 2004 22:23

What car do you drive ?
Topic says it all :p

Sidney 27th October 2004 22:27

A 1977 Datsun.

jmke 27th October 2004 22:32

CitroŽn C3 :(

DUR0N 27th October 2004 23:32

myself, none. but my main means of transportation is my parents ford 'no-servo-tank' maverick :)

kristos 27th October 2004 23:57

15y old 5doors 5 gears pain-in-the-***-when-drunk-cuz'-it-has-no-servo ford escort when I'm awake :D

aston martin vanquish/vantage when I'm asleep ;)

BlackRabbit 28th October 2004 00:13


Originally posted by jmke
CitroŽn C3 :(


Originally posted by jmke
Ah.. my new company car has arrived =)


(Golf3 TDI btw)

jmke 28th October 2004 00:29

in due time my friend:)

biCker 28th October 2004 00:53

Peugeot 806 with 7 seats, this means we're planning on having three more kids ;)

jmke 28th October 2004 00:56

start practicing now! ;)

Sidney 28th October 2004 02:20

From Mini Cooper S (the original), to Porsche (got to remember spelling correctly), to good old V-8 small and big block, to turbo four bangers, to super-charging V-6, to Viper V-10, to BWM silky six, to exotic "rush to hell" motorcycle......... I am still in love with my straight six Datsun came out in 1969.

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