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danwat1234 13th November 2010 05:25

Vote up my video to help me win a Nissan Leaf!

I test drove a Nissan Leaf in Hillsboro OR last weekend and I made a 30 second video. So did many others at this event. The person who gets the most votes for their video, will WIN a Nissan Leaf next April.. Please help me win!!

I only have 1 month to get votes, then it is over.

All you have to do is enter your email address (and any others u have), and then hit the "submit vote" button. Then, you will get a confirmation email that you click on, and then the vote is counted! I would appreciate it so much
This is the link to the video:
drivenissanleaf dot com/Win/Vote.aspx?b=248ZRV8WHPN9

You don't have to watch the video, just vote . Basically, I currently drive a
Honda Civic with 215K on it. I would love to have a Leaf but I don't have the
money. I am earning a Bachelors in EE + CpE Engineering right now and I would use this car to be 'green', and also to help me understand the details of electric cars better such as battery management

Please please TELL YOUR FRIENDS! If I get a Leaf, feel free to contact me and you can probably take mine for a spin... if I win it!

thank you

danwat1234 18th November 2010 21:38

more detail
It is kind of a crummy video, it was on the spot and doesn't truly show what my projects would be for the car.

For instance, I would (try to) add cameras in the blindspots and connect them to the computer that refreshes the computer screen in the center of the dashboard, customized alarm system, train horns (under the hood so no additional air drag), gain 'root' access to the computer, ecetera!

With gaining 'root' access to the computer, mods and tweaks might be able to be made to the drivetrain, such as a larger battery pack and changing motor behavior. Very cool stuff for an engineering student like myself.

Oh and I made some videos while at the event of the car's controls, which include showing how much energy the heater takes, headlights, how quiet the windshield wipers are, ecetera. --> click on "Date Added" to see the Nissan vids listed.

Have any questions about the Leaf, or electric cars in general, feel free to post or PM. its cool technology

chughes372 23rd November 2010 23:27

I hope ya win!
I voted for you and I sincerely hope you win! We need your kind of engineering to promote this vehicle and to improve it.

danwat1234 1st December 2010 02:05

hey thanks chughes372, I've only got until around 12/9/2010 to get votes, then I can't get anymore.

Thank you all for helping so far.

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