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Sidney 1st March 2008 19:00

Tired of flying sim?
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Tired of flying sim or playing PC games, I just go build some helicopters. I know something about electronics, radio transmission, mechanical work and "chips" with soldering iron, super glue, plier, screw drivers and a pair of steady hands ..... I build and mod.:)

I finished building the last one (smallest, little more than 12" long) this morning. Test flew it, trimmed the setup and it is ready.:)

jmke 1st March 2008 22:44

now to work on the looks:)

Sidney 3rd March 2008 07:22

Looking good won't be able to do this -

geoffrey 3rd March 2008 11:28

Wow, amazing stuff there!

Sidney 3rd March 2008 18:51

Heli is the tuff to fly; fixed wing is much easier. When you have engine/motor or aileron problem you could shut off and glide it down. Heli will drop like a rock.:) Rudder control is always running while you don't have to touch rudder for fixed wings. Harder to be a good mechanic and pilot both at the same time. :D

Sidney 30th March 2008 19:10

Fuselage that would fit on three of the helis. But, they get heavy and less fun for some.

jmke 30th March 2008 19:14

1st one is Airwolf? :D


Sidney 30th March 2008 19:18

Yes, Airwolf ..... with retract wheels.

It will add 30-40% total all-up-weight to the heli reducing flight time for the look.:)

jmke 30th March 2008 19:19

sometimes looks are worth it;)

Sidney 30th March 2008 19:25

Here is a vid I took after I finished the last one ... the little one. But, the vid is too dark ....

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