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Things that happen after u come home from a 10 hours nightshift ..... ( good laugh :) Things that happen after u come home from a 10 hours nightshift ..... ( good laugh :)
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Things that happen after u come home from a 10 hours nightshift ..... ( good laugh :)
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Old 28th April 2004, 06:57   #1
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Default Things that happen after u come home from a 10 hours nightshift ..... ( good laugh :)

(07:10:56) now talking in: (#hardware)
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(07:12:20) quit: (SotaPapu) ( (Signed off)
(07:12:24) join: (Zxzxzxzx) (
(07:12:25) (Zxzxzxzx) i need help
(07:16:24) (WK_Sh4rke) i dont think theres anyone awake
(07:16:36) (WK_Sh4rke) u can ask me ill try and help ,)
(07:21:37) join: (Blaster_) (
(07:26:39) quit: (Blaster_) ( (Read error: EOF from client)
(07:33:17) (Zxzxzxzx) can u ehlpo me
(07:33:18) (Zxzxzxzx) SHarke
(07:35:13) (WK_Sh4rke) dunno
(07:35:17) (WK_Sh4rke) ask
(07:36:44) (Zxzxzxzx) i want to get 15 fps more
(07:36:48) (Zxzxzxzx) over clock my pc
(07:37:02) (WK_Sh4rke) 15 fsb u mean ?
(07:37:05) (Zxzxzxzx) i want to get 15 fps more at 1600x 1200 4xaa and 8x af in gta3
(07:37:08) (Zxzxzxzx) can u help me
(07:37:09) (Zxzxzxzx) no FPS
(07:37:57) (WK_Sh4rke) tried overclocking your vidcard already ?
(07:38:01) (Zxzxzxzx) no
(07:38:06) (Zxzxzxzx) diddnt over clock nothing
(07:38:13) (Zxzxzxzx) i need the #'s if uknow wat i mean
(07:38:30) (Zxzxzxzx) help?
(07:38:42) (WK_Sh4rke) u could just lower the resolution a bit , but i dont think ull do that ,)
(07:38:50) (Zxzxzxzx) your a smart man
(07:38:51) (Zxzxzxzx) i wont do that
(07:38:53) (Zxzxzxzx) so can u help
(07:39:09) (WK_Sh4rke) take it slow man , i just worked a 10 hours nightshift
(07:39:27) (Zxzxzxzx) so i been up since tuesday
(07:39:30) (Zxzxzxzx) wait
(07:39:34) (Zxzxzxzx) todays thursday
(07:39:35) (Zxzxzxzx) ?
(07:39:43) (WK_Sh4rke) no wednesday
(07:39:51) (Zxzxzxzx) then i been up since sunday
(07:39:54) (Zxzxzxzx) i guess
(07:39:57) (Zxzxzxzx) anyway can u help me
(07:40:04) (Zxzxzxzx) i just wat to ge 15fps more at those settings
(07:40:10) (WK_Sh4rke) wot vidcard u got ?
(07:40:12) (Zxzxzxzx) and i can leave and go about my things and so can u
(07:40:15) (Zxzxzxzx) i got the 9800 xt
(07:40:22) (Zxzxzxzx) i plan to buy the new cards coming outh
(07:40:28) (Zxzxzxzx) in like wat this week or something
(07:40:28) (WK_Sh4rke) ill look for a oc program
(07:40:32) (Zxzxzxzx) no no no no
(07:40:35) (Zxzxzxzx) igot the OC programs
(07:40:41) (Zxzxzxzx) no prob im talkin about i need help the #'s
(07:40:46) (Zxzxzxzx) to get 15 fps for my setup
(07:41:08) (Zxzxzxzx) u know frmo da experts just #'s
(07:41:16) (WK_Sh4rke) wtf u mean by the "'s man
(07:41:19) (Zxzxzxzx) i need to know wat to set wat to wat it should be a chanelgne
(07:41:25) (Zxzxzxzx) #'s u over clock with #'s video car #'s
(07:41:27) (Zxzxzxzx) cpu #'s
(07:41:29) (Zxzxzxzx) ram timmings #'s
(07:41:50) (WK_Sh4rke) what are ure default clock speeds with ure card ?
(07:41:50) (Zxzxzxzx) i dont know what to set it to what thats what i want to know so like i can give u info u need on my PC and u tell me if you good or not on wat i should do it
(07:42:03) (Zxzxzxzx) basicaly picture you over clockin your pc thats it and im just gonna set itto that
(07:42:07) (Zxzxzxzx) ok they are
(07:42:18) (Zxzxzxzx) core 411
(07:42:22) (Zxzxzxzx) mem 364
(07:42:44) (WK_Sh4rke) its pretty easy just add 10Mhz one stzep at a time and test , whan your pc hangs reboot and put 10 lower
(07:42:57) (WK_Sh4rke) until u hit the max
(07:43:01) (Zxzxzxzx) and this is gonna get me 15 fps more
(07:43:02) (Zxzxzxzx) ?
(07:43:23) (Zxzxzxzx) do u know wat your doing or are u tellin me COmmon crap
(07:43:30) (WK_Sh4rke) it might give some more , basicly u got to tweak your whole pc and add all
(07:43:39) (Zxzxzxzx) ok
(07:43:41) (Zxzxzxzx) thats what i want to do
(07:43:44) (Zxzxzxzx) so what do i have to do
(07:43:51) (Zxzxzxzx) to get those 15 fps more stable no graphic glitches
(07:44:24) (WK_Sh4rke) this ll take ages man look for a PC TWEAK GUIDE on the net with google im not sittin here 4 2 hours still soz man
(07:44:39) join: (Blaster_) (
(07:44:42) (Zxzxzxzx) PC tweak guide
(07:44:47) (Zxzxzxzx) if u dont want to help me or dont know
(07:44:53) (Zxzxzxzx) just dont waste my time and say u dont know
(07:44:59) (Zxzxzxzx) anybody else in here can help me
(07:45:07) (Zxzxzxzx) save ourself both the trouble n time
(07:45:30) (WK_Sh4rke) look u dont know **** about oceing what u need to do is oc your viscard oc your FSB and oc your CPU if possible
(07:46:00) (WK_Sh4rke) and thats even if your pc is uberhaubt oceeable
(07:46:27) (Zxzxzxzx) no **** i dont kow **** about over clockin
(07:46:32) (Zxzxzxzx) but u tellin me common stuff
(07:46:36) (Zxzxzxzx) i can tell u the same thing
(07:46:37) (Zxzxzxzx) i said #'s
(07:46:41) (Zxzxzxzx) wat do i have to set what to waht
(07:46:57) (Zxzxzxzx) thats wat imt alkin about not god damn COmmon stuff dats why i lookin for a over clocker who would know
(07:47:07) (Zxzxzxzx) i can tell u over clock cpu ram timmings volt mod the whole nine yards
(07:47:22) (Zxzxzxzx) but im talkin the #'s wat do i havet to set wat to wat its simple if u donkot wat eva
(07:47:40) (WK_Sh4rke) i dont even know ure pc man , every pc has different #ers and different maximum #ers if i tell yopu MY numbers u wont be able to do **** with it
(07:47:46) (Zxzxzxzx) u didnt ask me
(07:47:53) (Zxzxzxzx) dats your pC
(07:48:01) (Zxzxzxzx) but i askin for help and u tellin me nothing but stuff i already known
(07:48:23) (WK_Sh4rke) i wont even bother , the only one that can see how far the #ers can go is youself , nobody can say the " for you
(07:48:24) (Zxzxzxzx) look i dont wanan conitune talkin unless this is ognna some where
(07:48:33) (Zxzxzxzx) u sure about that
(07:48:37) (Zxzxzxzx) nobody can say that for me
(07:48:41) (WK_Sh4rke) very sure
(07:48:42) (Zxzxzxzx) ok your not the guy im lookin for
(07:48:50) (Zxzxzxzx) your not very smart at computers ok lets not talk no more
(07:48:57) (WK_Sh4rke) anyways gl with it
(07:49:04) (Zxzxzxzx) no thanks
(07:49:09) (Zxzxzxzx) dont needd your luck
(07:49:17) (Zxzxzxzx) u keep that lcukyt and put in your pocket for later
(07:49:29) (WK_Sh4rke) man are you friendly cut of the speed if i was u
(07:49:42) (Zxzxzxzx) huh
(07:49:48) quit: (Blaster_) ( (Read error: EOF from client)
(07:49:49) (Zxzxzxzx) wat is dat mean im friendly and cut pseed
(07:49:53) (Zxzxzxzx) wwat da hell areu talkin about
(07:49:53) (Zxzxzxzx) ?
(07:50:00) (WK_Sh4rke) nvmman
(07:50:03) (Zxzxzxzx) o isee
(07:50:05) (Zxzxzxzx) its the DIEASE
(07:50:06) (Zxzxzxzx) ok
(07:50:13) nick: (WK_Sh4rke) is now known as (WK_Sh4rke|Zzzzz)
(07:50:16) (Zxzxzxzx) why didnt u tell me earilier
(07:50:24) (Zxzxzxzx) u had the DIEASE in your ****in SKull
(07:50:55) (Zxzxzxzx) dont worry ill heal u
(07:50:56) (Zxzxzxzx) like JESUs
(07:50:59) (Zxzxzxzx) heasl ppl
(07:53:09) (Zxzxzxzx) ****ni COCK sucker
(07:53:22) quit: (Zxzxzxzx) ( (Quit)
Old 28th April 2004, 15:26   #2
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I want 5 minutes of my life back.:grum:
Old 28th April 2004, 15:27   #3
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Old 28th April 2004, 18:44   #4
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Default hmm :)

prolly only funny to me , it was pretty early :x

I should a just told him to put the sliders of his vidcard to the fartest right and reboot and get it over with
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