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TerAngreal 5th March 2006 22:31

Snow fun in dze Ardens!
Since we've had some rather unusual weather down here the last few days, as in a late winter with a serious amount of snow, my brother and I decided to go to the Ardens for a day. He knows this great area in the proximity of Houffalize, perfectly suited for a full day of entertainment for ourselves and his Chiro group. (For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, I guess you could compare the Chiro with American boy scouts)

Now, the least I can say, is that this turned out to be quite a day. Since we can't keep all the fun to ourselves, I decided to ask Duron and Teki with us. Duron had already built up a reputation as the "Mercenary of War", aka "Jesus". This was during a 24 hour game we starred in a couple of months ago. Teki planned to go snowboarding afterwards, not too far away from our location. After two hours of sleep, I got up this morning to pick up Duron. Since it's a two hour drive to the Ardens, we had to leave early, so I had to rendez-vous with Duron even earlier. To cut a not so long story short, I arrived at his place perfectly on time, minus one hour: pickup time was 07h15, I arrived at 06h00 sharp. Stupid me, I must have set my alarm an hour back without noticing it.

Looking back now, I wish I would've taken this as a bad omen and returned to my bed immediately. Which I, of course, didn't.

When we set out with the rest of the group, snow start coming down from the sky. Fast. A lot. Omen no.2. We decided not to let this discourage us, and we got on with it.

When we got to our destination, it turned out there was a thick pack of snow waiting for us. The last couple of miles we had to take smaller roads which hadn't been cleared. I love to go sideways in cars, so this was just too much for me: I couldn't contain myself and started drifting a bit. After burrying my car in a big pile of snow, I got it out and drove down a slope to meet with Teki and my brother who were waiting there for me. Man, I wish I had seen the signs and got back to bed when I had the chance. Coming down, I crashed into Teki's back end, ruining the front of my two weeks old car. An hour or so after that, a ricochet plastic pellet from an airsoft weapon that I fired hit Teki on his eyelid. I felt like somebody had paid me to take care of him :)

I'm just relieved that
1. Teki's eye is OK
2. Teki's car isn't damaged too badly
3. the damage to my car looks worse than it actually is

I believe Duron has got a couple of pics from earlier this day, maybe he wants to post 'm. I'll start with a couple of pics from the damage I caused to my baby. The engine hasn't sustained any damage, nor did the drivetrain. I just have to get the hood back in it's original shape, same goes for the chassis behind the front. Mount a new headlight and grille, and I'm all set.

TerAngreal 5th March 2006 22:33


TerAngreal 5th March 2006 22:34


TerAngreal 5th March 2006 22:35


jmke 5th March 2006 22:46

:( driving on snow/ice is always tricky and dangerous - but honestly, I'm more worried about Teki's eye, he all okay?

TerAngreal 5th March 2006 22:47

most likely hit a tree first, bounced off, hit his sunglasses and then his eyelid

just a black eye

BlackRabbit 6th March 2006 06:42

Damn, that sucks :(

Luckily everything turned out 'ok'..

jmke 6th March 2006 07:44

I wonder what kind of friend rams his friend's car and shoots him the eye... no really? ;)

TerAngreal 6th March 2006 09:34

What does the verb "to ram's" mean? :)

jmke 6th March 2006 09:36

too early to think:p

ram you!

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