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ludodg 13th December 2011 10:57

I actually have good standard mobile phone, but would like to switch to a smartphone as I would like to use internet-browsing, e-mail, ...
One other thing I would like is easy typing as it is quite a hassle to type large messages on my standard mobile-phone-keyboard. I can't use the automatic-dictionary-function as I have to type in different languages all the time.

So, as I know nothing about smartphones, I could use some advice on what device to choose. A Smartphone with an actual keyboard? an iPhone? (I have the budget ... but it still is a LOT of money).

extra: i'm connected to BASE.
thx for all info

jmke 14th December 2011 20:06

I'm quite a big fan of iPhone, for the simple matter of "it just works".
What I do with smartphone:
- take pics
- surf the web/forums
- check email
- remote connect RDP to server
- read news sites
- facebook/twitter/ebay
- games (Fifa 2012 looks and plays waaaay much better than on first PC)
- functions as remote command for XBMC
- music/video player on the train
- setup cheat sheets for RC cars
- ...
list goes on... while for "tinkering" fans there are better smartphones out there; if you just want something that works; I give iPhone a big thumbs up :)

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