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Kurgan 10th December 2009 17:08

Shipping PC from Europe to UK?
Someone in the UK might be interested in buying my PC.

I wasnt expecting it to go outside of Belgium, any idea on which company I should use? Also are there any customs issues with the freight?

Any help offered is appreciated


jmke 10th December 2009 17:57

cost will depend on weight, do you plan to use DHL/UPS/Fedex?
normal postal service costs: , between €26~65

import taxes: if you include invoice with max value of €10 on outside of box, you should be safe

Gamer 10th December 2009 20:53

Just make sure buyer is legit !!

Kurgan 10th December 2009 20:54

Will do,

Nothin is going out until I have the $$ in my account, thanks for the heads up tho.

Gamer 10th December 2009 21:03

Even Paypal isn't full proof, trust me.
Western Union and others aren't to be trusted eighter when you sell abroad !!!

Kurgan 10th December 2009 21:24

I'm well aware of the paypal scams going on, and I wouldnt touch Western Union stuff with a pole :)

Once the cash is sittin in my bank account and not PayPal I'll ship the goods. Nothin is done yet, still making sure this isn't a scam of some sort.

Kurgan 11th December 2009 09:46

After googling for a bit, I can confirm it is a scam.

I found someone on different forums that listed the same address as the one I was sent but with a different name.

I guess the next step is to pull their ip from the emails they sent to Ecops with the emails and a link to this other forum aswell.


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