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Pardons 22nd April 2008 17:58

How many eggs can you eat on an empty stomach?
first one get's a cookie and makes a new one!

Gamer 22nd April 2008 18:17

1 ?

Pardons 22nd April 2008 18:23

ofcourse honey,

your riddle?

Massman 22nd April 2008 19:11

What date will this thread turn into a conversation about gay people, featuring Pardons as the star?

jmke 22nd April 2008 19:12

it already did.... ooh I see what you did there, it was rhetorical!

Pardons 22nd April 2008 19:32

Lol i don't have the nick with mass in it ;)
muahahahha evil laugh :p

Massman 22nd April 2008 19:53

You've seen me in real-life, now tell me, how much Mass have I? :D

Pardons 23rd April 2008 02:48


Originally Posted by Massman (Post 168672)
You've seen me in real-life, now tell me, how much Mass have I? :D

haha we should lan togheter again and find out?(under the tables :Love:)


anyhow while i'm writing this it's 3.46AM, preparing my second departure already for las vegas, hoping for succes this time lol...

Massman 23rd April 2008 10:59

Not that kind of Mass ... :p. OCTB will most likely be at Lanscape again this summer.

Have fun in Las Vegas!

blind_ripper 23rd April 2008 13:20

well massie u have more mass then me but that's it :p.
to steven mass is not evrything its what u do with it :D !!!

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