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Sidney 25th July 2005 03:58

This is not a game
Some of the best and latest small arms being demo here -

jmke 26th July 2005 11:11

what's all that violence good for? :)

Sidney 26th July 2005 16:50

Today's game developers?? :)

Surprised to see the M60 going 830 rounds continuously; like the new system for the aged M14 (really accurate shooter); glad to see the 45 is back again (9mm has too much penetration).

FreeStyler 28th July 2005 20:29

cewl, rm...

Guess I'll pass (BTW anyone have some codecs for RM and MOV files, just codecs and not the full programs)

jmke 28th July 2005 21:38

[g]media+player+classic[/g] can play .mov

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