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Black_TS 9th January 2004 12:09

NFS underground - plz help

I'm new to this site, great site!

My problem is with Need 4 Speed Underground.
When I install the game (full install) it goes until 34% (the file name is ...\RSX\Vinnyls.* - something like that)

When I take medium install - same thing except it's now on 45%...
Ok so first thing you expect in this situation - the CD is f*cked...

So then you go and get the Image files (.ISO) from one of your friends, and try installing it that way : SAME PROBLEM!
BTW, running Win XP Service pack 1, 1.8GHz P4, 512M RAM, 64GForce 4...

Any ideas?


jmke 9th January 2004 12:26

try to back to the shop were you bought the NFS (if its a computer store, ask their support to check your PC, if it doesn't work you can ask for a refund :))

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