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DonnyRacer 28th December 2003 11:20

hi all iam a newbie :hello:

jmke 28th December 2003 11:20

welcome aboard! we were all newbies some time or other =)

The Senile Doctor 28th December 2003 11:35

and in all sorts of stuff.

the only thing I would classify as a noob would be if I started having gay sex.
but it's not in my plans.
what a weird post

jmke 28th December 2003 11:38

your deepest desires surface again :grr:

BlackRabbit 28th December 2003 12:20


Originally posted by jmke
It seems you're pleased with that evolution :D

jmke 28th December 2003 12:24

seems you're catching on quickly!

DonnyRacer 28th December 2003 12:31

lol iam a new person and i dunno my way around trhe forum i only know the way to the games one as known as Need for speed underground lol thanks for the welcomes

Gamer 28th December 2003 12:39

welcome to the madness....

@ calantak, :rtfm:

DonnyRacer 28th December 2003 12:53

thank gamer

The Senile Doctor 28th December 2003 18:58


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