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piotke 5th October 2008 22:11

New camera...

and here is the first new picture:

jmke 5th October 2008 22:45

how much did you pay for it? :)

piotke 5th October 2008 22:57

canon eos 400D with a bit less then 7000 clicks
With batt. grip and 2 batterys
canon 18-55mm f3,5-5,6
canon 55-200mm f 4,5-5,6
sigma 18-200mm f3,5-6,3
1 gig CF


wutske 7th October 2008 15:50

That's a very nice price :ws:

geoffrey 7th October 2008 16:59

400D is a DSLR right? Any special functions onboard?

jmke 7th October 2008 17:47

especially the ability to use custom lenses is very neat! more demo shots Piotke :)

also this camera has auto dust removal on the internal lens, so clearer pictures are year long!

piotke 7th October 2008 18:59

Especially the fact that you can really do everything manually and use other lenses.

geoffrey 7th October 2008 22:06

Mechanical zoom?

piotke 7th October 2008 22:16

On a DSLR ? Perhaps in the few 1000 euro region of lenses, but this ones no. Auto/mechanical focus yes, zoom no, just with the other hand turn on the lens.

geoffrey 8th October 2008 17:15

Exactly what I ment with mechanical, its faster then any button can zoom in/out, very handy :)

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