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wutske 26th May 2005 19:20

Motorola E398 or SE K700i
It's almost my b-day (tomorrow, but who cares, don't mind getting my presents later) and I'm getting a new mobile phone (partialy payed by dad and fnac coupons), now, I REALY doubt between the Motorola E398 (E280) and the Sony Ericsson K700i

Now, first thing, is there a difference between the K700 and the K700i, because I can't find a thing about it and the SE site only has one of the 2.

Now, they both have a rather good screen, also in the sun (K700 is a bit better), they both have lots of memory (E398: 64Mb, K700: 48Mb), bluetooth, Irda, a VGA cam (quality seems equal), but the K700 is the only one capable of recording vids (not important, too small and bad).

They both can play MP3's, but the E398 has stereo speakers and a headphone jack, wheras the K700 has a 'universal' (fat) connector. But, the K700 has a radio (not that important, but it can be handy).

I can't realy say something about ergonomy, but the buttons of the E398 seem bigger than the K700's, whereas the K700's buttons are seperated.

For the rest, they are kinda the same (except than that the E398 has some other fancy stuff, like light and lots of vibrations in game and on music) , so I can't realy decide :( . Somebody who could help me (info 'bout one or both mobiles, advises, ...)

FreeStyler 26th May 2005 21:12

get a nokia 3310.
it also works you know...

wutske 26th May 2005 21:17


Originally posted by FreeStyler
get a nokia 3310.
it also works you know...

k, but it's an oldie, and I'd like to have camera on it.

jmke 26th May 2005 22:08

I bought me Nokia 2650 because I did not like the Ericsson P800; so I'm not the right person to ask this question to ;)

I'm waiting on a cellphone which provides expandable storage, mp3 bluetooth playback, Windows Syncro, clear voice recording, fast OS, high quality camera + flash (3mpixel);

DyNaRaX 27th May 2005 07:24

I have a K700i and I'm very happy of it.
Nice screen and a lot of space to store pictures and mp3's, those mp3 ringtones kick *** :o

It has a flat connector with stereo headset and you can also use the headset to call handsfree.

There are a lot of free games available on the net and the games have music and also vibritions.

wutske 16th July 2005 12:27

Well, bought the K700i yesterday for only E139 (had E100 in coupons :D ).
It's a realy good phone, I like it, way better than my Sagem MC920. The games are good, music sounds great, pictures look good on the screen and the screen is okay in the sun.
The only annoying thing is the shutter sound of the camera (and camcorder, voice recorder). It's sooo loud and useless :grum:
Now I only have to find a cheap BT dongle

DyNaRaX 16th July 2005 18:21

good choice. Indeed the shutter sound is anoying and you can't turn it of

jort 16th July 2005 21:34

i can't turn the shutter sound off on my samsung eather:(

jmke 17th July 2005 14:07

it's done so you can not take pictures without somebody noticing; they got complaint for privacy invasion due to cellphone camera's taking pictures of things they should not

you could block the speaker when taking pics, but don't think that will do much good

jort 18th September 2005 02:04

found a way to disable the shuttersound on my phone(topic @ got)


:king: :o

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