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jmke 6th November 2008 17:56

Michael Crichton Dead At 66... RIP
Many readers have submitted stories about the death of Michael Crichton. The 66-year-old author of Jurassic Park and The Andromeda Strain died unexpectedly Tuesday "after a courageous and private battle against cancer," a press release said. In addition to writing, he also directed such sci-fi classics as Westworld and Runaway. Crichton was married five times and had one child.

Massman 6th November 2008 20:51

He was the author of the book Jurassic Park?

piotke 6th November 2008 21:16

And many other good books as well.

jmke 6th November 2008 22:22

Andromeda Strain, Lost World, Airframe, State Of Fear, Prey, Next, Terminal Man, Sphere and many more, excellently researched books which are better than any movie adaption will allow, Jurassic Park book is 1000x better than the movie :)

writer and filmmaker

Massman 7th November 2008 07:29

I agree on the Jurassic Park comment, loved the book, which I read after seen the movie :-).

Xploited Titan 18th November 2008 08:57

Iirc, Timeline was also one of his books.

Not certain anymore though, long time I read it.

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