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easypanic 25th August 2004 22:23

:super: :feesten: :banana:

NipSo 5th September 2004 17:59

tbh I'm going too :p

anyway, there's been a great deal of talking about lanworld, not always so positive...
but rest asured, it'll be fun :)


NipSo 29th September 2004 21:18

if you guys pay up now you'll be able to compete in a special-only-for-early-payers-fun-compo

jmke 4th November 2004 11:58

I passed the whole weekend with my g/f , no LANparty can beat that:p

jmke 4th November 2004 14:44


Originally posted by koensa
it wasnt in the weekend :p

30-31-1-2 were holidays for me :p


hmmm there was lotsa Pron! :p
yes you go watch some Pron, nice replacement for the real thing.. sure.. good perspective you have :D

TeuS 4th November 2004 14:50

he can't help his parents are against sex before the marriage :D

jmke 4th November 2004 14:57

and they forbid him to get married:p

TeuS 4th November 2004 18:48


Originally posted by koensa
@ TeuS shut-up u dont know my family situation.

sorry, it wasn't my purpose to hurt or offend you :shrug:

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