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wutske 20th August 2005 22:18

How long ?
I was just wondering how long I have been here on [M], so I checked it and I'm here since May 28th 2003.
That's 2 years, 2 months and 24 days ago since I've subscribed myself here, one day after my 15th b-day.

Small catch, my first post:
21st December 2003 11:14, so that's 1 year, 8 months ago.

So, how long have you been here since your first post ?

//edit: I just checked some top-poster profiles, and I seems like [M] started somewhere in 2002 ??? (domme seg, 'k ken m'n geweide [M]-geschiedenis niet :^D ).

Ow, and DUR0N, you registered on my b-day :ws: . Just noticed that.

//edit2: thanks for editing the poll :super:

TeuS 20th August 2005 22:46

a few months after the beginning, I signed up here :)

StaRflaM 20th August 2005 23:00

i'm a pretty young [m] member... february 2003

StaRflaM 20th August 2005 23:03


Originally posted by StaRflaM
i'm a pretty young [m] member... february 2003
1st post i think is...



i want to know how far i can go with my 1800+ palomino @ 2000+
is he 39 idle
its twinmoss pc2700ramm

Hehe, dumbass... youd better sell that palo and buy a decent core :D

DUR0N 20th August 2005 23:03

27th of May, 2002. :)


Duron 750@972mhz could get higher, crappy mobo
XP1800+ @ who knows
ordered: Duron 1.4ghz, going for world record.

Sharpside 20th August 2005 23:45

litle more than a year, 25th July 2004 :)

DyNaRaX 21st August 2005 10:11

10th June 2002 :^)

deronny 21st August 2005 14:16

registered 28 may 2002
first post 29 may 2002

Gamer 21st August 2005 14:39

edited :)

25th May 2002 :king:

my first post :


1 point higher than before :)

with a duron :

3e best in the world :)

jmke 21st August 2005 15:58

I think I signed up since the beginning; but not sure, have to check the dates;)

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