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Dalaras100 1st February 2008 18:03

Hi, I just joined.
Had some trouble creating new thread, but my Q is up ahead...

Gamer 1st February 2008 20:10

Hi Dalaras100, welcome.
You can post in the right section of this forum.

Dalaras100 1st February 2008 21:50

Hi, still couldnt find the "open new thread" option.
My Q is on my very next post.

Gamer 2nd February 2008 06:33

I changed it, you posted in the wrong section.

geoffrey 2nd February 2008 14:59


But hey...

Welcome!!! :D

Dalaras100 2nd February 2008 15:44

Hello Everyone.
I'm about to buy a new pc for htpc + gaming(hooked to my LCD).
I'd appreciate ur opinions as experts (about all the parts + bottleneck problems etc):
Amd athlon 64 (5000) Dual core 1MB(am2).
ASUS GeForce 8800 GT 512 DDR3 (retail=?)
ThermalTake MaxOrb \ Alpine 7 (cpu cooler)
2*WD 320GB 16mb AAKS 7200 \ SG (similar)
Pioneer DVR 212BK x18 DualLayer sata
Enermax NoiseTaker II 485w
Genuis TwinTouch wireless (kb+mouse)
Many thanks in advance.

geoffrey 2nd February 2008 16:15

Looks great, high value/performance factor. Planning on overclocking... then you should aim for the AMD 5000+ Black Edition which comes with unlocked multipliers, makes life just a bit easier :)

Regarding the cpu cooler, for the same price you might find a better performance/value product.

jmke 2nd February 2008 17:06

why go for AMD ?

geoffrey 3rd February 2008 14:57

In the low-end segment they are quite capable of challenging C2D setups, why not?

jmke 3rd February 2008 17:02

for same price you get more performance at this moment from Intel.

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