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Bloitz 20th December 2011 10:57

Couldn't find the Introduction forum and the link at the top says it's closed so here I am.

I'm Bloitz, I live in Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium. Got my first pre-assembled rig @ the age of 12 (P4 2.4 Ghz, nVidia Geforce MX440, rubbish Aopen motherboard and case). It didn't take long before I opened it and eventually took my first steps in overclocking. Couldn't raise voltage so I was capped at 165 Mhz FSB. Started upgrading RAM, CPU, video card and soon I was hooked to hardware and PC's.

Now I'm running a Sandy Bridge build since a week (Yea, I bought into the Bulldozer Hype and bought a CH5F (for sale now btw) so I didn't jump onto the SB wagon right away).
My watercooled CPU-only loop: MCP 35X - EK multioption res - XSPC RX360 w/ 3 Scythe GT AP30's - EK Supreme HF Acetal nickel - Tygon tubing w/ black bitspower barbs.

Personal stuff:
I'm a student in Gent. I like long walks on the beach and romantic ... Oh, who am I kidding, probably not many damsels here.
I go out, I play games (BF3) and I have a dog (Rottweiler, almost 6 months now) so pretty basic dime a dozen stuff.
I'm interested in a lot of stuff ( the more one knows, the better) except (and not limited to) Twilight, how awesome Mac iShit is and consoles.

Why I joined?
Well, let's face it: Belgium is a small country and if it wasn't for our recent lack of government then we'd be rather unknown (aside from the occasional pie in Bill gates' face :^D ) so I was surprised to see madshrimps was Belgian and we even have an OC team. So props to you guys for making us noticed out there :drink:
I'm hoping to learn more about OC'ing, hopefully I'll be able to help out others as well (I'm not a complete noob (although my Sandy Bridge OCing knowledge isn't quite up to par yet, I'm pretty good with AMDs))

Trying to find Rules/forum FAQ thread ... Anyone who could point me in the right direction?

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