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Bosw8er 23rd April 2004 08:55

Fear my stable boxies
w2k server (previously rebooted after 70+ days up during my absence because of alledged mysql problem)

Bosw8er 23rd April 2004 08:57

And the telephone control pc (previously "rebooted" after cleaning lady pulled the plug by accident)

Beat my score ! :grin:

BlackRabbit 23rd April 2004 10:01


11:09:32 up 104 days, 17:04
But he's going down 1 of these days so I can add a harddisk..

jmke 23rd April 2004 11:00

server PC here has been running since summer last year :)
occasional reboot for adding new HD's

BlackRabbit 23rd April 2004 13:13


Originally posted by jmke

occasional reboot for adding new HD's

same here, uptime would be much higher if the disks wouldn't fill that fast

FreeStyler 23rd April 2004 13:27

damn, my internet router has just been turned off because it's replaced by a hardware router+wireless.
That baby had a record of about 6 months straight. No upgrade or anything.

dweezil 23rd April 2004 18:23

but you need to reboot your windows server after applying patches, right?
you don't apply patches?

BlackRabbit 23rd April 2004 21:10

who's talking about windows?

dweezil 23rd April 2004 21:47

bosw8er is.

Bosw8er 2nd June 2005 15:29

stripped down w2k - box acts as telephone-central control unit ... and is running 126 days now :super:

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