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Richlife 29th March 2008 16:22

Do u like classical music ?
Classical music is very cool and good for knownlege development. Do u think it ?

I very like Classical music. how about you ?

Gamer 29th March 2008 18:02

Sometimes ?

Massman 29th March 2008 20:13

When I'm in the mood

Gamer 29th March 2008 21:07

And the mood is ? |D :badair: :* :naughty: :smack:

Massman 29th March 2008 21:14

Do you get in thé mood by listening to classical music? Going to a concert must be hell for the person sitting next to you. How do you see Mozart and Bach then, p*rn stars avant la lettre?


Gamer 29th March 2008 21:21

hehe, not realy.

jmke 29th March 2008 21:50

don't encourage this spammer;) anybody NEW posting different subject threads shortly one after the other, coming out of the blue, is most likely just looking for a foothold for future spamming by links, PM or signature.

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