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Sidney 1st February 2006 02:16

The Best Retirement Advice
When it comes to saving up for retirement, you probably think you can't compete with a super-smart, hotshot doctor who pulls in a six-figure salary and has a magic investing touch. But you'd be wrong.

Let's say you graduate from college at age 22, alongside this future medical superstar. From that point on:

You enter the workforce, and she heads on to medical school.
You contribute $2,500 a year to the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (FUND: VTSMX) through your 401(k), and you earn the market's historical annual return of 10%.
Your friend enters the workforce after seven years of medical school. By virtue of her greater earnings power and stellar investing skills, she's able to contribute $3,500 each year and earn 12% annually.
How you compete
Your friend's ability to contribute more money each year and to earn 2% more than you is huge -- huge, I tell you. But not bigger than your seven-year head start. You'll both reach the $1 million mark at the retirement age of 60:

Read the link 001999&npu=y

Sidney 1st February 2006 02:18

Oh well, the only thing the article failed to mention was, unless you married to the same person. Otherwise, you either be doubling or have nothing.

WeldZilla 15th February 2006 04:06

You know I didn't know a 22 year old who though about it much when I was 22. The only reason I had a retirement was simply because I belonged to the "Operating Engineers" Union. Because of that i had the foundation of a pretty good retirement. It really wasn't til I was nearly 40 that I got very serious about it. Now @ 49 I have my Operating Engineers retirement growing a Public Employess retirement going I invest heavily through Aetna. I have a couple IRA's along with my wife. Hey I will be 50 next month. I want to hang it up between 58 and 62 it depends on my son who is now 10 and where he is at with his education and how much he needs. I am hoping to guide him into engineering as he is just brilliant at Mathematics. Much like me. I hope his math skills crush mine and he goes on to Not doing the heavy work. Just the brain power. My problem was that I so loved doing the actual work. The more brutal the better. Seemed fine when I was young but as I get older it has caught up fast!! Well hey if I survive into my retirement I will be in great financial shape. If not my wife will be set! And my son's future education is covered. That is why I sleep well at night.


Sidney 15th February 2006 04:48

As long as he doesn't drink and party in the first year of engineering school; and drink just a little in the second year; drink less and limited to a few parties on the third, senior year will pass by without no problem:)

The math part is in the blood:D

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