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jmke 4th April 2008 11:10

Achtung Achtung

Very nice promovid for

wutske 4th April 2008 13:49

where can I buy it ? :D

jmke 4th April 2008 14:10

freeware actually @ ;)

geoffrey 4th April 2008 18:41

What is this, snake DM?

jmke 4th April 2008 19:34


geoffrey 4th April 2008 20:12

I still don't understand why new mobiles don't have the original anymore, number one reason to get a mobile phone back at high school, no more boring class moments :)

jmke 4th April 2008 20:29

new mobiles have java, you can play any game; I have bowling, king quest, space quest, Worms and many other games on my Nokia;)

geoffrey 4th April 2008 21:02

We had Snake tournaments back then, none of the above games can compete gameplay wise :)

Plus, were on earth can you find those games for free? And will they be compatible with my mobile, resolution wise maybe not?

jmke 4th April 2008 21:30

if you search the web you can find tons of games for your phone;)

geoffrey 4th April 2008 21:48

Free, as in "not paying"?

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