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wutske 14th August 2005 19:13

Now I'm so f*cking pissed that I'm going to creat a useless topic :grum: :grum: :grum: .

Goddamned M$ crap. I wanted to login into my space using IE (crap). Ok, I click on log in, I see they have (again) a new log on site :puke: . I enter my e-mail and password, click on ok. 10sec. long I get redirected and finaly get some kind of M$ error telling there is a problem :rod: .

Ok I tought, why not try it on a vmware WinXP ? I click twice on the vmware icon, nothing, absolutely nothing, I click twice again, nothing, thirth time... 4th. I go and check the processes, 4x vmware. Great, I killed them all and pushed the reset button.

My machine rebooted, it tried vmware again, nothing. At this moment, I get so pissed that I start vmware 30-40 times and double click on everything that's on my desktop. 15 min later it's ready loading

Atm I'm working on one of the vmware's that has started, because nor Opera, nor Firefox want's to start :grum: :grum: :grum: .

For me it's clear, windows has been pissing on me long enough now, changin icons, changing menu fades, changing the placements of my icons on the desktop (realy, that realy PISSES ME OFF :chop: ), autorun doesn't work, cd's won't get refreshed. Tomorrow I move all my stuff on the other partition and format the damned windows partiont 9393489234924023482349234 times :battle1: .

Aaah, damned. That means creating a freaking nlite cd with unattendet setup that doesn't work or again the godamned problem with the freaking SATA drivers and all those errors that it can't write afterwards :grum: :grum: :grum: .

After that I'll create another partition for Linux, enough is enough.

wutske 14th August 2005 19:25

wow, opera works again :super: . Long live the reboot :grin:

(ok, I'm in a nag mood)
damned rain :gay:

piotke 14th August 2005 19:25

Two solutions, in order:

I only use windows for the madshrimps reviews :)

TeuS 14th August 2005 19:39


Originally posted by piotke
Two solutions, in order:

I only use windows for the madshrimps reviews :)

fixed. linux doesn't need new hardware ;)

wutske 14th August 2005 20:14

Idd, I'd rather choose Linux because I don't have the money to buy a mac (mini).
The only problem with linux is that how hard I try, nothing works. I've tried installing glib&gtk+ on mandrake10, Red Hate9 and Suse9.2 . The first 2 gave errors, and suse even didn't get further than "dunno what host, please specify".

But I'm learning it atm using this great guide:

still, I noticed one thing; all those distro's have so less tools that are stated in the guide. None of them knows linuxconfig, ipconfig, ...

Worst thing was Red Hat 9. It doesn't know init and I had to create a link to shutdown in the PATH.

piotke 14th August 2005 20:16


Originally posted by HardFreak

Worst thing was Red Hat 9. It doesn't know init and I had to create a link to shutdown in the PATH.

TRy the correct command instead ? ifconfig for example...

I installed Fedore on many many computers for home users, just full installation in graphical mode, and really, everything worked perfecly..

wutske 14th August 2005 20:35

i meant ipconfig, like windows, but maybe this is also a tool you have to install.

Nevertheless, there also on other small problem, ATI Linux drivers :( . I hope Susu9.3 has them for a Radeon9600, because RedHat9 and Mandrake9.1 did not have them :gay: .

I'm now moving all my data :grin: . Going to take a while :spank: .

Ow, this is one for me > :leet: , sometimes I need a :nutkick: and some :spank: , because sometimes I always :rod: with :banana: and even before :rtfm: .

jmke 14th August 2005 23:18

I'm been using Windows since Win3.11 and although I've had some lesser moments in the Win9x times; since Windows 2000 things have been going very great.
I will not complain about a working product; Windows 2000 SP4 or Windows XP will do exactly what you want them to if you tweak them a bit!

I will not recommend Mac (too expensive) or Linux (too difficult and restrictive) to anybody; unless they do a major overhaul (mac=cheaper hardware; linux=better support; more userfriendly)

piotke 14th August 2005 23:44

Mac has a lot of budget models...

Mac mini and emac for example. Realy payable solutions.

The support for linux is getting bigger and bigger every day. But userfriendlyness is no excuse anymore. It's not much different from windows nowadays...

jmke 15th August 2005 00:19

the Mac Mini or Emac offers less hardware power then PC counterpart and is no good alternative. you can not game on it, and you need a G4 or G5 to really enjoy the multimedia experience of the Mac

Linux might be getting user friendly, but it's nowhere near windows territory, they have a long way to go; again gaming is left completely out of the picture.

I play games on my PC; linux and/or Mac are NOT for occassional gamers.

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